Carpet Steam Cleaning Process by the Expert

November 26, 2019

There are many methods of carpet cleaning and Dr air duct cleaning introduced its steal carpet cleaning that you can try. Every cleaners have their own way of steaming their rugs or they called it as “hot water extraction.” It is one stage process which will bring back the real color and feature of your carpet. The procedure includes using a portable machine which you can rent or buy. But Dr air duct cleaning have its own powerful machine for carpet steaming and it is their advantage.

Carpet steam cleaning is one good choice for a fully cleaned carpet, cleaners will use water and detergent and cleaning without rinsing. The machine works the wonder in which sometime you imagine how or why the device can do it all. To understand the basic, we compile the step by step process that can gives you how it is done.

  • – The carpet should be pre-sprayed with biodegradable cleaning solution. This is the first step to a thorough carpet cleaning method.
  • – Cleaners will utilized a machine, carpet is rotary agitated to remove soil and spot and stain removal.
  • In case the carpet have number of spots and stain which is hard to remove, it will treated separately until it will disappear.
  • – Next step is to use for another machine to steam the carpet or hot water extraction wherein you will never see a messy place.
  • – By using a pH balance product, carpet is rinse and ensure you of no residue left.
  • Last step is the application of the deodorizer as a final touch.

Carpet steam cleaning is easy if you rely with the professional cleaners. Dr air duct cleaning have skilled cleaners that can guaranty safe and clean carpet steaming. If you want your carpet to get steamed call Dr air duct cleaning.

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