Here’s How Carpet Cleaning Method You Can Simply Follow

November 28, 2019

The basic carpet cleaning process is vacuuming the surface but it can’t give you an assurance that it will remove the last dirt or particles hidden deep within the rug. Steam cleaning is one method that makes sure for a deep cleaning system, any debris deep in the fibers will gone in an instant. Cleaning the room requires you to use a steam cleaning machine, soap and water, it also requires great skills to manage the task. Expert carpet cleaners from Rug Cleaning Laguna Beach ca share some tips below that makes cleaning simple and manageable.

  1. Make sure that the room undergo a thorough vacuuming session. Remove all the necessary furniture’s like table and chairs. De clutter the space like getting the papers, toys and many other objects. If the room have furniture’s that needs to move, do it slowly and let the carpet dry before you move it back in its place.
  2. Dust every surface like baseboards, ceiling fans and every corner of the room. This is to prevent extra dust from falling or spreading in the room while cleaning.

  1. Vacuum the entire carpet in the room, go over it twice to get as much as larger debris as possible. You can use nozzle attachment in the vacuum to the edges of the room, vacuum all the side and make sure to pick all the dirt. You can go over twice to get more debris, go over in the opposite direction.
  2. Using a stain remover is best advice, check every spots before the carpet steamed. There are natural solutions to use as stain remover, just blot up with a cloth and leave it to suck the stain.

As you can see, carpet cleaning method is a bit tedious. You will spent more time to finish the cleaning system. If you want a secure cleaning process, hire Dr air duct cleaning.

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